Cocker Spaniel Club
Western Pennsylvania, Inc.

Cocker Spaniel Specialty Match
September 17, 2000
ThunderPuppy Canine Sports Center

The 2000 CSCWP Match was a success.  We had many members and nonmembers in attendance.  In addition to conformation judged by Esther Kostelnek and obedience judges by Cathrine Stewart, we also had agility equipment set up for fun runs.  With plenty of good food, good prizes and good raffle items, it is no surprise that it was a great day to get together for some fun. 

Raffle items were donated by local businesses and attending members.  Here are some of the donations.

Her are the 2000 trophies

Self stacking training stilts, compliments of Cindy and Joe Burianek

Pictures from classes

Cindy Burianek, President,
Shannon McCracken, VicePresident,
Wendy Shepard, Treasurer,
Jeff Hanlin, Secretary,