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CSCWP places emphasis on responsibility for the breed.  Included in this, is breed rescue.  Rescue in such a popular breed is an enormous venture.  Most of our club members are active in or willing to help with rescue in some way.  However, the vast majority of the work falls to a small group of very dedicated members.  We owe them many thanks and many dogs owe them their very lives.
In general the job of rescue includes making contacts, transporting dogs and puppies, supplying veterinary care, and placing the dog in a new home.  In many cases it also means handling recovery, rehabilitation, socialization, grooming, house training, arranging foster care, and most importantly educating the public.

Due to the the new state laws applying kennel regulations to any group or individual who does rescue, our rescue program is minimal. If you support breed rescue, call your state representative and explain how new laws need to consider foster homes in order to avoid being harmful to the pets who most need help.

Available dogs are listed below. All of these animals are currently in foster care. Their details and contact information is provided by their caregivers.

Roscoe is approx 18 months - 2 years old.  Brown/White Parti Colored with a tail. He was found as a stray in West Virginia and was brought in to be groomed.  He was filthy, matted, in full coat resembling a long forgotten dirty Muppet! The people who found him were unable to care for him properly so he was left with me.   I have had him in foster now for about a month. He is housebroken and of course crate trained and walks well on a leash. He LOVES to go for car rides and has been happily accompanying me to work.  He is good with kids once he has met them and realizes that they are part of his household. Gets along well with other dogs and cats and loves to play with socks and tennis balls. Will patiently assist with dinner preparations by hanging out on the floor and waiting for tidbits to come his way. He also enjoys movies cuddled up on the couch and ice cream. Would do well in a home where he can also be the guardian of the castle!

For more information about Roscoe, contact Helen Riggle,,


This black and white Cocker Mix is available in Clairion County. For more information contact Lenore Smathers at

July 12, 2011
This is Marty. He is a 5 year old, intact (not neutered) male, purebred Cocker Spaniel located in Pine Grove, PA.  He is housebroken, crate trained, up to date on shots and is a very lovable boy.  He rings a bell to go outside and is wireless fence trained.  He does have some skin and ear issues (on 10 mg prednisone and 1 allergy tablet daily)  and is currently eating sweet potato/salmon food (Infinia brand), which is a highly rated food.  For more info, please contact Linda at 



Jackson is a six year old chocolate and tan  neutered male who needs a new home. Children in his former home were permitted to abuse him, and so he is fearful of loud noises and confusion. He is housebroken, crate trained and up to date with vaccinations. He craves attention and loves nothing more than to curl up near his "people."  He would do best in a quiet household with adults. He will sleep in his crate while you are away, but loves to share your bed and sofa. He probably has ten years of love and companionship left to give to you, so please consider giving Jackson the loving home he deserves. For more information, please call 724-478-3428.


If you would like to have an available dog listed here, please send all information to This is not a sales listing. Although all placement/adoption fees must be clearly stated, if the listing appears to be a sales advertisment or otherwise inappropriate, the club may refuse to include any listing on this page.
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