Cocker Spaniel Club of Western Pennsylvania, Inc.
CSCWP members may borrow any of these books from their owner for the cost of $1.00 to CSCWP for one month's time.  Contact Shannon to add your collection to the books available, to suggest a club purchase, or to check a book out at the next monthly meeting.

American Cocker Book, The, Michael Allen (Joan)
American Cocker Spaniel,The, Dr. Alvin Grossman (Shannon) (Joan)
American Cocker Spaniel Champions and Titleholders 1988-2000, Volume I, Langford & Brawn (Joan)
American Cocker Spaniel Champions and Titleholders 1988-2000, Volume II, Langford & Brawn (Joan)
Annual American Spaniel Club Health Registry, ASC
Basic Guide to The American Cocker Spaniel, The, Various, (Shannon)
Breeding Better Cocker Spaniels, Dr. Alvin Grossman (Joan)
Century of Spaniels 1881-1981, A, Book 1, ASC
Century of Spaniels 1881-1981, A, Book 2, ASC
Cocker Spaniel, The, Ella B. Moffit (Shannon)
Cocker Spaniels, Barrons, Jamie J. Sucher (Joan)
Cocker Spaniels, TFH Publications (Joan)
Cocker Spaniel Handbook, The, Ernest Hart
Complete American Cocker Spaniel, The, Norman A. & Jean S. Austin (Shannon)
New Cocker Spaniel, The, Ruth Krauechi
Study of the Cocker Spaniel, A, ASC
Trimming Guide, The, Mari Doty
World of the Cocker Spaniel, The, Bill Gorodner & Llyod Alton (Joan)

Basic Guide to Dog Training & Obedience, Margaret English (Joan)
Bird Dog Guide, Larry Mueller (Joan)
Complete Novice Obedience, The, Banche Saunders (Joan)
Dog Training Made Easy, Michael Tucker (Joan)
Dog Training My Way, Barbara Woodhouse (Joan)
Don't Shoot the Dog, The New art of Teaching and Training, Karen Pryor (Joan)
Enjoy Training Your Dog, Pet Library LTD (Joan)
How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days, Shirlee Kalstone (Joan)
How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With, Rutherford & Neal
Hunting Dogs, F. Philip Rice & John I. Dahl (Joan)
Leader of the Pack, Nancy Baer & Steve Duno (Joan)
Mother Knows Best: The Natural Way to Train Your Dog, Benjamin
No Bad Dogs, The Woodhouse Way, Barbara Woodhouse (Joan)
Training You to Train Your Dog, Blanche Saunders (Joan)
Training Your Dog to Win Obedience Titles, Morsell
Urban Dog, How to Understand, Enjoy and Care for a Dog in the City, Patricia Curtis (Joan)

Dog Breeding for Professionals, Dr. Herbert Richards (Joan)
Dogs and How to Breed Them, Hilary Harmar (Joan)
How to Breed Your Dog, Dr Leon Whitney (Joan)
How Puppies are Born, Virginia Bender Prine (Joan)
New Art of Breeding Better Dogs, The, Onstott
Standard Book of Dog Breeding, The, Dr. Alvin Grossman
Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog, The, Ann Seranne (Joan)

Doctor's Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats, Edited by Matthew Hoffman (Joan)
Dog Owner's Encyclopedia of Veterinary Medicine, Allan H. Hart, B.V.Sc. (Joan)
Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, Giffin & Carlson (Shannon)
Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, Giffin & Carlson (Joan)
Dog's Health from A to Z, John Bleby & Gerald Bishop (Joan)
Veterinary Treatments & Medications for Horsement, Equine Research Publications (Joan)

Dogsteps, Illistrated Gait at a Glance, Rachel Page Elliot (Joan)
Forsyth Guide to Successful Dog Showing, The, Robert & Jane Forsyth  (Joan)(Shannon)
How to Show Your Own Dog, Virginia Tuck Nickols (Joan)
How to Trim, Groom & Show Your Dog, Blanche Saunders (Joan)
The Nicholas Guide to Dog Judging, Anna Katherine Nicholas (Joan)
Secrets of Show Dog Handling, Mario Migliorini (Joan)

2000 Tips on Dog Care, Rita & Vale Reel (Joan)
American Kennel Club 1884-1984, The, A Source Book, AKC (Joan)
Book of the Dog, The, Paul Hamlyn (Joan)
Book of Pets, The, Edited by Brant House (Joan)
Complete Dog Book 18th Edition,The, AKC (Joan)
Complete Idiot's Guide to Choosing, Training and Raising a Dog, The, Sarah Hodgson (Joan)
Common Sense Book of Puppy and Dog Care, The, Harry Miller (Joan)
Dog Lover's Reader, The Edited by Timothy T. Clacke (Joan)
Enjoy Your Puppy, The Pet Library (Joan)
Family Dog, The, John Holmes (Joan)
Guilt-Free Dog Owner's Guide, Daine Delmar (Joan)
Kid's World Almanac of Animals and Pets, The, Felder (Shannon)
New Dog Handbook, The, Matthew M. Vriends, Ph.D. (Joan)
Treasury of Dogs, The, Arthur Frederick Jones & John Rendel (Joan)
Puppies and Dogs, Anne Taylor (Joan)

Basenji Stacked and Moving, The, Robert Cole (Joan)
Belgian Tervuren, Moira Anderson-Allen (Shannon)
Borzoi, Gail C. McRae (Shannon)
Complete Borzoi, The, Lorraine Groshans (Shannon)
Complete Collie, The, Milo G. Denlinger (Joan)
English Springer Spaniels, Diane McCarty (Shannon)
Grooming All Toy Dogs, Shirlee A. Kalstone (Joan)
How to Rainse and Train an Irish Setter, Robert Gannon (Joan)
How to Raise and Train a Great Pyrenees, Edith K. Smith (Joan)
Know Your Great Dane, The Pet Library (Joan)
Maltese, Kathy DiGiacomo & Barbara J. Bergquist (Joan)

Armstrong, Robert, Canis (Joan)
Armstrong, Robert, Index of Suspicion (Joan)
Berenson, Laurien, Dog Eat Dog (Joan)
Berenson, Laurien, Hair of the Dog (Joan)
Berenson, Laurien, Unleashed (Joan)
Conant, Susan, Evil Breeding (Joan)
Ellis, Mel, Ghost Dog of Killicut (Shannon)
Goodman, Jack,  Best Loved Dog Stories  (Shannon)
Harriot, James, James Harriot's Dog Stories (Joan)
Harriot, James, James Harriot's Yorkshire (Joan)
Harriot, James, Every Living Thing (Joan 2 copies)
Harriot, James, All Thing Great and Small (Joan)
Harriot, James, All Things Bright and Beautiful (Joan)
Harriot, James, All Things Wise and Wonderful (Joan)
Harriot, James, The Lord God Made Them All (Joan)
Kjelgaard, Jim, A Nose For Trouble (Shannon)
Kjelgaard, Jim, Trailing Trouble (Shannon)
Lanier, Virginia, A Brace of Bloodhounds (Joan)
McCaig, Donald, Nop's Trials (Joan)
Meloney, Franken, American Bred (Joan)

Air Bud (Shannon)
Better Care Makes Better Puppies, Puppy Chow (Joan)
Dog Care & Training Tips, Purina (Joan)
Dog Care Guide, Westminster Kennel Club & Pedigree (Joan)
Safety Around Dogs, AKC (Joan)

Best In Show (Shannon)
Top Dog (Shannon)

American Cocker Spaniel Champions and Titleholders 1988-2000 CD
Incredible Dog CD, Purina, (Shannon)